Welcome to Kaeforest, a wiki engine for notes on audio, software dev, and language.

This site aims to be a knowledge base & general collection of notes pertaining to select values, beliefs & miscellaneous notes, which may help (mostly myself) and others record knowledge that may become useful later.
In order to keep a record of my thoughts, my identity and who I am as a person, I write this in a form of meditation to remember who I am, and what I do in life.

These notes may be useful to another person, who either wishes to learn from my experience, accrued knowledge or simply learn more about me.

A few notes

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{ 10 Jan 2024 } - Holy Conquest

{ 07 Jan 2024 } - Ueda Attractor

{ 07 Jan 2024 } - Synthesis & its practical applications

{ 06 Jan 2024 } - CFS

{ 05 Jan 2024 } - Sixth Iridisys War


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