Slow improvements.

As of late I’ve been doing a lot better; eating healthier, exercising.


A lot of my time now has been spent #irl as opposed to being a habitually online creature, scouring the net for info and new knowledge to add to my repertoire.
I learned that over this period, I had accrued enough theory to do whatever I desired, but the accumulation of theoretical praxis does not make one a good practical do-er, which is what my last few months have been dedicated to.
The perfection of my craft.

In this vein, I have also done well to gain more practical experience in Graphic Design, which I’m now quite proud of.
It started off as small edits in Gimp;

0x0z Logo

Before extending to my own art pieces, made with Figma & Photoshop:


…the latter which I couldn’t be more proud of! It turned out just as I had hoped, with every minutia of detail crafted, the perfect texture overlays, subtle gradients and that really sick filter- I still fangirl inside thinking about just how I managed this.

But, it gave me pause; I have the power in me to do literally anything I want.
This is the first point in my life where I realize I’m no longer shackled by insecurity, or lack of opportunity, I have friends in both high & low places now.

I’m more-so extremely grateful to myself for creating this site, and still maintaining it to this day, as my knowledge base, my steadfast. A reminder of the servitude I had put into myself over the years. It paid off. Thank you, me.