Marking one year of Kaeforest!

Shoutout to all of you who read this, seriously~

I decided to use Vercel analytics, as it was a pretty privacy-respecting analytics[1] plugin for my use-case, which is literally just to see who views this site, and well, my results were really unexpected this year?
I’ll run thru all the results I have from my analytics, never leave any of y’all out cause I love every single one of u.

So as a thank you to all my readers, I decided to give y’all a shoutout 🖤

I got really interesting results here:

Users by countries

Not surprised most are British and American honestly, maybe y’all coming from my job applications? (Please hire me on god)
But, I even have viewers in Ghana and Brazil and I’m like, what? I thought I would have a mostly Western audience (which I do), but I’m shocked that my site is getting found by people so far across the ocean from me <///<

If you’re reading this, my single Ghanaian and Brazillian viewer, hello~

And for all my Indonesians in chat:

Ada Indonesia Coy

I should rly implement sm kinda liek comment system so u can all talk abt what I write but please, I do encourage y’all 2 send me emails to or just hit me up on MD like fr.

Viewers by OS

I honestly thought I would only attract mainly linux users, but either y’all spoofing user agents or just, I don’t get many? Aside from my one homie out there. And yes, I will assume you use Arch.

My one linux user

It’s nice to feel validated as another (unfortunate) linux user ;///;


I’m dying to actually know my viewerbase more, and I never even realised y’all existed like-
Just to wrap this up, since I really have never done something like this before, I deadass thought I never had anyone viewing this site at all, and thought I was just typing things into the void <///<
And, it’s nice to know that at least some people in the world care about what I want to say.

So seriously, thank you 🖤

  1. You can see their privacy policy here for clarity: ↩︎