Selected audio works & production.


…explores modernized avenues of British rave, gabber, garage and drum & bass music.


I Can't Feel My Face

Ghost Babel

Untitled Demo .01

Additive Synthesis - Additive Synthesis is the foundation of modern sound design.

Spectres III - Ghosts in the Machine - A framework for understanding the ideas behind synthesis and its invocation of the human emotion.

A device for Algorithmic music construction - Conceptualising a theoretical device to synthesise melodies.

Chaotic Sound Synthesis - Chaotic Sound Synthesis is sound generated from the modulation of frequencies using fractal equations.

Ceres - Ceres is an automated IoT vertical farming app designed to study the effects of music on plants.

Synthesis & its practical applications - Using synthesis for new generative sound design

Ueda Attractor - The Ueda Attractor is a chaotic mathemetical model used in engineering.

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