The Dimerpha are a timeless race spawned from Void.

The Dimerpha are a sect spawned from the Void. They were the purveyors of archaic knowledge of the first instances of FTL travel, volatile gateways within space-time; including methodologies on how to stabilize them, research into endemic-memeticism to converge realities through hyperstition; the convergence of realities, and a wealth of literature and art detailing their millennia long history.

Despite the purpose of their discoveries & writings never becoming truly clear; their interaction with other civilizations often resulting in the societal conscious being transformed; the peoples desperately noting & researching into completely unrelated subjects their words & meanings, until eventually succumbing to madness from their discoveries, their minds unable to comprehend the complexity & dark truths of Polaris.

Finally, their essence & writings will be harvested by the Dimerpha, their use expired, and their lessons learned.

Dimerpha Icon
Symbol of the Dimerpha.

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