Elith was a sociological movement intended to liberate human consciousness.

The reason for its creation was to grant people eyes, to understand the collective-unconscious and how it operated.
In light of Neo-capitalismic structures only being strengthened throughout the years, with diminishing quality of life for many residents of London, by revitalizing the city through art, a hacker DIY culture and developing a broader understanding of the fundamental mechanics of Cybernetics and its larger play within society.


It was founded by Kae in early 2022, in response to a desire to grow its art into a much wider circle.
Starting out with a simple storefront, it sold over 300 units to customers mostly within the UK.
The site also held custom electronic schematics to create the devices for any user who wished to create them themselves, with the option of buying a custom assembled product available in the store.


Its hay-day was mostly within the eras of June and July of 2022. At the time, the site would net 4.500,00£.


Elith.Systems shut down in December 2022 due to lack of enthusiasm and lack of further funding to expand its operation.
Without further investment from other investment groups rather uninterested in the scene, it quickly died out after University started again.

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