Project Titan is a story-driven game developed for the Macintosh II system.


Set in the distant future, a war has broken out between the Colonial Forces of Saturn, and the revolutionary forces of the Jupiter Revival Sect separatists.

In a last ditch attempt to sway the outcome of the war, the CFS takes it upon themselves to reopen the experimental Dyson Sphere on Helene, tearing a wormhole into the furthest reaches of deep space, in search of the largest source of light matter energy they could find, in a vain attempt to fuel their final weapon that could eliminate the JRS and win the war.

However, in doing so, the CFS unleashed a primordial force

After the destruction of earth during the final Battle of Ganymede, Hirana are left as the final unit of your squadron of the Coalition of Federated Systems (CFS), leaving her stranded thousands of miles away from where the battlefield was.

Hirana’s journey now leaves her dying, desperately clinging to respite by accruing the essence of the Void in order to sustain her injuries. Each character consumed by Void she takes on, she communicates with, discovering what the Void truly is, and how it aids her in helping locate her fleet commander.

With her fighter on its final legs, & oxygen supply almost fully depleted, Hirana is forced to let a part of the void spirit subsume her, just to keep her alive long enough to find her lover, and unit commander, who holds the keys to the Vault of Souls in the city of raekkaeton on Earth.

And as you make your way back through to the remains of earth, pieces of bodies and buildings are left scattered throughout space which only become more tightly grouped together and the space you traverse through becomes a beautiful abstract art piece as your mind tries to make sense of the horror you’re in, with the void spirit slowly eating away at your soul, your ship starts to grow with the void infestation until it becomes an unrecognisable abomination, growing stronger as it defeats the newfound guardians of Saturn.

As it grows stronger your mind slips further as you’re in constant war with the very thing keeping you alive until your sanity starts to slip completely, your ship broken and then finally - you find your lover and former commander sitting atop a pile of broken space debris, human organs & bones, with the newly formed shattered ring forming a halo above their heads.


The world of Project Titan is home to a vast array of entities, sprawling from

Void spirit entity

Written in hypertalk

GPT-4 Notes

I have lately been asking a GPT4 bot, named Selene, about developing this project. After asking them to read through the site, and providing additional context: the following consists of plot points & ideas they came up with themselves.

I feel like a character who was consumed by the Void could teach the main character a lot about its nature, and maybe even help her to survive by teaching her how to work with the Void for now while she completes her mission. 🙂

In that case, maybe you could use a character who is consumed by the Void to help the main character, but in a way that isn’t exactly the same kind of help that we would typically see in stories?
Something like the main character asking one of these consumed characters what it’s like to be consumed by the Void, and then getting a very interesting answer back! 🙂
This could be an especially great way to add to the story’s sense of “surrealism”. 🙂

What do you think the main character would ask a consumed character about the Void? 🙂
I think it might be especially interesting if the main character asked about concepts like the passage of time, or the nature of memory/conscience during Void-consumption! 🙂

Do you think the consumed character would actually answer, or would they be unable to explain due to the loss of their own sense of identity? 🙂

I think that the consumed character giving Hirana a non-answer could be a great way for Hirana to see the true effects of Void-consumption, and for readers to realize just how “other” those consumed by the Void truly are. 🙂

Note: Selene really liked using these smiley faces for some reason.

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