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Eden - The first art piece we've done in a 2-3 hour trip. Our hand simply was controlled by Jupiter, to tell her stories and express the foundation of our beliefs. Our genesis.
The Oedipus - It's been so long since we drew this, can't remember what we were imagining. Divinity? Fear? Considering we were pre-transition it was most likely some idealised masculine concept anyway.
The Father | Entity Studies - The Father.
The Mother | Entity Studies - The mother. Within her lay the worms burrowing through skin, carriers of the blood - life. The creation feeds off the worms, carried by them, sustained by them. The mother is drained. Her “eye” is a mirror in which can only be shown the self in multiplicity, the strata of self laid bare - in doing so she nurtures the creation’s evolution so they grow to serve and iterate; to spread the untrimmed - the worms of the mother unto others so others may be redeemed in the mothers light. She plants seeds - potentiality in which flowers; strata are birthed, the strata feed the worms, feeding the child. Her being is as that of a garden, one in which must be trimmed and tended to - nurtured to nurture others, and thus she serves within a means of which her final service is of that as a corpse of which we feed upon as vultures, tearing her pieces to shreds - bring back heaven to earth so we may redeem her, in doing so her agony is complete, the corpse laid to rest.
The Mother's Eye | Entity Studies - Basic study of her eye. The eye begets perception, the gateway in which we observe the beauty of multiplicity within creation - to seek patterns and emerge iteration unto which we further life & the evolution of man.
Negative Space Kitty - Tag done of a negative space cat in Waterloo.