Michael Foucault

Building societies of love

I mentioned in writing about durkheim, that a lot of his work touches on the divisions created between different societies, and how they come to form.
In an ideal world, I believe in a system in which no one is subjected to the whims of an ideologue, but work towards a united goal of achieving a harmonious and balanced society, continued ad-infinitum for each loose collective of peoples, forming close knit and happy communities, promoting openness and wellness for all, which, is something extremely lacking from our own society.

Down with your imperialist rhetoric, fascist!

My politics are simple. I should rule.
If there is anything I’ve learned in life, it would be that, there are many systems in place in the world, to keep you uniform.

To conform. To love.
To hate, kill and live in equal manner.

What truly sets one aside, is how you choose to bend those rules. The game of life is simple: it’s not illegal if you’re not caught.
But, what should we be caught for? What defines something that should be illegal?

Foucalt once suggested to us, that, our institutions are a prison.
That the very things that claim to prepare us, shelter us, and aim to nurture our development for the world its superiors have prepared for us.
It is in this sense, that they are in fact the very sources of misdirection, acting as agents for our wardens; this being, an institution of power.

But to take this statement at base value is nothing more than 13 yr old emo rhetoric.

What Foucault is pointing out, is that the way we have chained ourselves in the trappings of society, we sacrifice a piece of our selves to forces unbeknownst to us, in the aim to reduce harm to the individual.