A specter in the wired.

What is art? Is art a tangible, physical construct? Or does all art simply exist as concept, devoid of meaning until given an effect by an entity? Can an entity be a concept?

This is the question that has plagued the mind of KAEX for the longest time. Kae can’t see difference between individual and art, both are equally as beautiful.
For God so created the world in his image, blessed are they who receive the gift of life. From every organism, to the organelle, each was designed to perfect image and design. Each life, a blessing.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of art! To service the meaningless, paradoxically creating the most meaningful medium of all - this is why we love artists.
What is it then, that a being works in service to, if not its own desires? Is a desire to create art an inherent instinct simply, bestowed by birthright?


I just stick them into a json file whenever I have em so here:

I’m on the Fediverse on the cathode.church instance occasionally, bsky even rarer and on element @kae:cyberia.club.
You can also just drop a message on this site’s repo
Currently I’m interested in metaphysics and audio engineering, wanting to create a few albums and musical projects to go along with my world of azamaet.

m@kae.si on bsky

@koma@cathode.church on Mastodon

@kaelta_ on GitLab

I often check my emails, so I recommend just shooting me one if you like-
You can just grab my public key with this command, or download it here if you don’t feel like opening a terminal.

curl https://www.kae.si/static/content/key.asc

And our address is ~ here! - m (at) kae (dot) si


Anything professional has already been put here.
It links my resumé, projects, employment history and some brief detail about how/where I like to work.
If you find I may be a good fit for your team, please get in touch!