Kae's resumé can be found here

Since I was 13 years old, I would start modding videogames like Arma and Spec Ops: The Line to try and understand how videogame mechanics worked, and how to alter them to suit my liking better. This then led me down the rabbit hole of creating custom mods, game modes and even my own missions!

I also took interest in the world of cybersecurity after learning the basics of web development and hosting my own Minecraft game servers hosted on Linux for friends; in my attempt to create a more interactive MMO-like experience for my server, where people can see the game map in real time, and send messages to in-game players using webhooks.

Whether it's scientific research into musical therapy, creative projects for videogames, or even tools for cybersecurity, I've always been on the bleeding edge to craft innovative new experiences.


Below is a total list of my working experience. This will be continually updated as my career progresses.

Audiocover Inc. - Software Engineer

October 2021 - July 2023


Maintained large scale web3 web applications. Created automation pipelines using GitHub, Bash and Python. Developed the first prototype of scaling web3 architecture. Provided server administration on Ubuntu. Managed data migrations with PostgreSQL and Prisma.

Reason for leaving:

Gaining further qualifications.

Elith.Systems - Business Owner

June 2022 - October 2022


Elith Systems was an electronic engineering company I founded during my University summer break. I wrote my own storefront for the business, and regularly posted schematics for open source electronic devices I would create, such as EMPs, jammers, hearts made of LEDs, and sell these products on my storefront. It made around ~4k£ in its heyday.

Reason for leaving:

Continuing with studies.

Loopspeed Inc. - Internship

June 2021 - Septempter 2021


Created UI prototypes in Figma. Wrote frontend code in Next.JS where I learned the fundamentals of git collaboration, Scrum and writing production code.

Reason for leaving:

Continuing with studies.


This is a comprehensive list of projects I have worked on, or at least feel notable enough to be mentioned.



    Ceres is an automated IoT vertical farming system. It was designed to study the effects of music on plants, for further research into human subjects.

    >>See Ceres's website



    Mint a minter. Gaia is a brand-new web3 developmental platform designed for fast prototyping and creating solid Web3 experiences.

    >>See Gaia's website



    Bot-to-Lichess client, written in 100% pure Crystal. Features multi-bot support and enhanced debugging for bot developers.

    >>See Akiko's website



    Hackable discord bot, designed to be hacked! Used in a CTF competition where the bot had to be coerced to return a flag on the server.

    >>See Celeste's website