Manipulating the sphere of the public unconscious, and how to twist the information dystopia to your will.

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The distorted lens of “reality.”

||||||||||| I stared at the echo in front of me

||||||||||| I stared at the echo in front of me

Merging the souls of the wired

The profound influence the wired has had upon the collective-unconscious, by proxy has also homogenized the cultural landscape, primarily in what we consider to be the “western” sphere.

“Truth” has altered the way in which it is imparted into us, rather than eradicated. In the midst of the current societal zeitgeist, the principal of “Truth”'s (as it currently stands) effect is more akin to a shared delusion; as opposed to an idea that has been decided by those with more societal authority than us. Whereas rife skepticism within public sphere is now commonplace, this begs the question of who will be the one who decides to share their truth to appeal to, the now much less receptive mind?

What is left in its shadow is now nothing more, or less than propagated half-truths now left destitute within its own hubris. And this can be manipulated.

Lay the seed

The inferior souls among people are easily swayed by ideas decorated in the terms of the familiar, unbeknownst to the necessity of its remoteness to its actual predicated belief. In the minds of such people, the groundwork is far easily laid once a framework of understanding is identified.