Shots and figures from our time in London.

London was both a turbulent yet amazing part of our lives, and where I currently still live, as of November 2023.
We were rapidly developing gaia during this time, growing our skills as artists, and developing a lot of our artwork.
All photos were shot on an iPhone xs max.

Edgware, North London

My girlfriend and I were staying here a while developing Gaia.
We often travelled out to Central London to do graffiti and meet other artist friends we met along the way~

Road to the North. Foreshadowing our future.
The road to the North of England. Oddly fitting for the future we came to have.

Cat around London on a misty morning

Lambeth, Central London

Here’s where we did the bulk of our art. It became a place of relaxation for us, meeting friends, finding new people and growing our statuses as DJs and music artists.

London Tower
Elizabeth Tower, Lambeth

The KAEX tag I've adopted
The KAEX tag I’ve adopted. It became a staple lettering tag I never moved away from, often using intertwining barbed wire aesthetics within the fraying lines, and faces and creatures filling the negative space.

Kae in Leake Street
Hello :>

Barbican Council estate Tower
Tower within the Barbican Estate.

The harsh brutalism of Farringdon.
The harsh brutalism of Farringdon.

Richmond, West London

West London marked the beginning of the end to our era in working for our old company. It was in this time we stayed with a few friends, often going out to enjoy the nature that West London had.
Our friend, a heavy spritualist explained to us the nature of meditation, our places in the world as light bringing entities, and provided a wealth of support to help us make sense of who we were.

pidgeon :3




Deer in the field,,

Watching the sunset